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The Leak Detection Specialists

Solving All Of Your Leak Detection Needs With Unmatched Expertise!

All We Do is Leaks!

About Us

Seacoast Water Services stands out as the Premier Leak Detection Company in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Southern Maine. As a family-owned and operated business based in West Newbury, MA, we offer unparalleled and personalized leak detection services.

Ralph, our dedicated leak detection expert and company owner, brings over 14 years of industry experience to every job. With a proven track record of successfully completing hundreds of leak detection jobs annually, he excels in pinpointing even the most intricate leaks that often elude other pool companies and technicians. His adept use of non-invasive techniques and specialized leak detection equipment not only showcase his unmatched experience, but also save our customers thousands of dollars by preventing costly renovations and damage to existing structures.​

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Seacoast Water Services

Our Services


Pool Leak Detection

Pool Leak Inspection & Repair

All we do is leaks and we do several hundred pool leak detection jobs per year. If your pool is leaking, we will find it! We use cutting edge technology to find even the most difficult pool leaks. 

Our standard inspection includes an underwater visual/ physical inspection of the pool shell. All equipment, skimmer housing, skimmer mouths, gaskets, drains, lights and tiles around skimmer will be checked for signs of leakage. All plumbing lines will be tested and checked with hydrophones. Any leaks located will be dye tested to confirm that the areas are leaking. Additionally, if a plumbing line is suspected to be leaking, we can pinpoint the exact location of your underground leak at an additional cost. Minor repairs are included in the standard leak inspection.
We can make most underwater repairs without ever draining your pool and on the same visit - saving you both time and money. 

Additional Speciality Pool Services:

Pipe Pressure Testing

Leakalyzer Testing - Water loss measurements to the 10,000th of and inch

Leaktrac Vinyl Liner Scanning 

Pipe Camera Inspection

Underground Acoustic Leak Pinpointing

Underwater Repairs

Underwater Photos & Video

VGB Drain Cover Replacements - Without Draining the pool

Hydrostatic Valve Replacements

Water System Leak Detection 

We provide leak detection services for municipal drinking water systems, private drinking water systems, residential and commercial water services. 

Services Include:
Leak Pinpointing
Full Distribution System Leak Surveying
Leak Correlating 
Over Night Leak Loggging
Water Line Tracing and Locating 


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 6am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed

Available 24 hours for emergency calls

Family Picture

Our company is dedicated to providing individualized and superior services regardless of the time of day to solve all your leak detection needs. As dedicated leak detection professionals, we take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and unmatched leak detection expertise.

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