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Ralph was incredible! We had a very difficult to diagnose leak but he found it along with identifying and labeling all the plumbing on our pool. Great communication, prompt, and professional. Can’t recommend Seacoast Water Services highly enough!

Bob Gearhart

Short feedback: don't even search for anyone else, this is your guy and you will never be disappointed with the level of service

- Ralph is very responsive, responsible and accountable for his work. Very much oriented to take care of the problem and he is doing that so quickly! He was literally running around the pool (not walking) to make it faster and make it cheaper for me because you pay per hour
- He has all the gear and ton of experience to handle all the process step by step to find the leak. Also, even the leak was found he inspected all the pool to make sure there no other "surprises"
- Is this service expensive in general? Of course it is! But I feel I was charged definitely less than I read through the contract (thank you!). Also, I overpaid $1k for 3 months because of the water leak. If I would found Ralph earlier I'd save those money
- Can't show the pictures because leak was in the crazy spot where it is hard to take it but I spent 2 seasons looking for that leak, and now I know - I wouldn't find it on my own
- I hope I will never have another leak, but if I will - definitely Ralph is the guy!


I highly recommend Ralph. He has all the equipment (scuba gear, fiber optic camera, high-tech listening devices...), all the knowledge, and the mind of a detective. He was thorough, methodical, and pleasant. I particularly appreciated his willingness to explain his process and everything he figured out.

He located a leak in the main drain, which he plugged, and opened up a skimmer that had previously been misdiagnosed as leaking. These two fixes have massively reduced our water loss while enabling us to maintain sufficient circulation. Ralph also found a leak in the return line that we'll need to fix at some point.

While his services aren't cheap, his gear and expertise justify the cost. We're losing less water; we know what we need to fix; and I understand my pool better. Thanks, Ralph!

Jeff Odell

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