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Our Services

Pool Leak Detection

  • We have the expertise and equipment to locate and repair the most difficult leaks.  During the leak inspection, the entire pool and all apparatus (including plumbing) is inspection for leakage. Underwater visual inspections are also conducted during the visit. Once the leak is located, in  most cases, all issues can be repaired in the same visit!

Pool Plumbing Pressure Testing 

  • Pressure Testing may seem like a simple concept but we see many misdiagnosed pipe leaks that aren’t actually leaking. With years of experience, specialized testing setups, and use of testing plugs, we are able to give you an accurate assessment of your underground piping. If your piping is leaking, we have the ability to pinpoint your pipe leak within 1 to 2 feet.

Water System Leak Detection

  • We conduct leak detection surveys for municipal drinking water systems and private water systems. Additionally, we provide leak pinpointing services for homeowners that have a leak on their water service line.  Using a sonic ground microphone and our correlating leak loggers, we are able to track and locate almost any type of leak.

Pool Pipe Camera Inspections

  • “Our pool pump has no suction or has low flow.” This is a call we get on a regular basis. Using our pipe camera, we are able to identify a clogged or collapsed pipe and provide you with the exact location of the issue.

Underwater Repairs 

  • We have all the necessary equipment to scuba dive in any condition. As long as your pool is not green or frozen, we can dive in it!  We perform all types of underwater repairs, from hydrostatic valve changes to patches, we can do it all!

Additional Speciality Services

  • Leakalyzer Water Loss Testing 

  • VGB Drain Cover Replacement

  • Leaktrac 2400 Vinyl Liner Scanning

  • Hydrostatic Valve Changes

  • Water Line Tracing & Locating

  • Underground Water Leak Pinpointing

  • Water System Leak Logging


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